Pack & Ship

At First Class Business Centres, we give you options! We work with multiple courier companies to offer you the best price or advise you on the best method for the service that you need. Whether you need to ship door-to-door in the city or send a package across the globe, we've got you covered!

We are authorized to ship with:


 ExpressGroundSame-dayFedExUPSPurolatorTNTCanparLocal carrierGTA onlyGTA onlyGTA only


 ExpressEconomy expressGroundFedExUPSPurolatorTNT

*This is a general guide only. Service availability and transit times may vary by area of delivery.


(Daily courier pickup for prepaid package drop-offs)

PurolatorFedexUPS5 p.m.5 p.m.5:30 p.m.


We stock shipping and packing supplies in store. Or we can do the packing for you starting at $25 (labour and materials included).

Call or email us now to get an estimate on your shipping!

*Package must be verified in store to get the actual price for shipping.

Shipping quote

In order to determine a shipping estimate by phone or email, please provide the following information:
• Package measurements (L x W x H)
• Weight
• Destination country, postal code and/or city
• Is the destination a commercial or residential address?


Packaging your own items

Keep it compact. Try to get your package as small as possible and as light as possible for the lowest shipping rate.

No shaking! The contents of your package should not move around as much as possible.

Seal it properly! If you drop off an open box with us, packaging charges are applicable.

General information

No P.O. boxes! Courier companies will not accept packages addressed to P.O. boxes because there's no one there to sign for it. Check with the receiver, some companies provide an alternate address for courier deliveries.

A phone number for the receiver is essential if there happens to be any issues with delivery.

International shipments

Make an itemized list of the contents of your package, taking details such as quantity, value, manufacturing country, which you will need to include on a customs declaration form.

A phone number for the receiver is required!

Don't send last minute if you can avoid it! Any international shipment that's not a document is subject to customs clearance so there may be delays.

What you can and can't ship to a destination varies by country. Please check restrictions with the particular country you are shipping to in order to avoid delays and delivery failures.